Thursday, April 07, 2005

Musharraf visit

Many Indian bloggers have decided to protest Musharraf's visit to India to watch an ODI by putting up a "Not welcome banner". I am joining the protest too.

Musharraf stabbed India in the back while Vajpayee was in Lahore trying to further the peace process with Nawaz Sharif. For this reason and many more, it is rather painful to see the US government treat Musharraf as a great ally in its War on Terrorism. How the Americans can trust Pakistan when A.Q. Khan has been caught passing on nuclear technology to Iran (and possibly other countries) is hard to understand. In this context, the Ackerman Bill is to welcomed by all "right" thinking Indians and Americans. The ISI, atleast by Indian and American media accounts, is a very powerful force in Pakistan and it is not believable that A.Q.Khan engaged in his nefarious work without their (and hence Musharraf) knowing. The quick pardon(Seymour Hersh, CNN, Rediff) that A.Q.Khan got from Musharraf also supports this conclusion, becuase it serves both their purpose - A.Q.Khan get spared and Musharraf escapes blame by pinning the entire episode on a rogue nuclear scientist who cannot be punished severely on account of his being a national hero. Nice charade.

While searching for articles about A.Q.Khan's pardon, I came across this - US supports A.Q.Khan pardon. So the issue (Nuclear proliferation) that both US presidential candidates considered the most important security threat to the USA is swept under the carpet by the pardon and the US supports, but Modi is a mass murderer (proved so in a court I guess) and must be denied a visa.

Since the communists gave the clean chit to Musharraf a few weeks back and rile about Modi, their position on A.Q.Khan is pretty clear too, I suppose.

For details about image, go to The Acorn.


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